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What is a mucus plug and when do pregnant women lose it/Everything you need to know about mucus plug

What is a mucus plug?

A mucus plug is a collection of thick mucus that blocks the opening of the cervix during pregnancy. It forms in the cervical canal during the initial period of pregnancy.

What is the role of mucus plug in my body?

The role of the mucus plug is to prevent bacteria or infection from entering the uterus. It acts as a seal between the vagina and uterus in the woman's body.

Is it normal to lose the mucus plug?

It is completely normal to lose mucus plug in the later stage of pregnancy. Pregnant women lose their mucus plug near labor when the cervix begins to dilate and become soft for labor.

Why do pregnant women lose their mucus plug?

A pregnant woman loses mucus plug near labor because her body is getting prepared for the labor. Near labor, the cervix started to become softened and opened up. This led to dislodge of mucus plugs. As a result of this, the mucus plug is pushed out into your vaginal and it is considered mucus plug loss.

When do I lose my mucus plug?

Mostly, pregnant women lose their mucus plug after 37 weeks. In some cases, women lose mucus plug a day or a week before the baby's due date.

Healthy tips: Contact your doctor immediately if you lose your mucus plug before week 37 to prevent any mishap.

What does a mucus plug look like?

The appearance of mucus plug can be very. Commonly, its appearance includes:

· Clear, off-white, or slightly bloody in color.

· Stingy, sticky, and jelly-like in texture.

· 1 to 2 inches in length

· 1to 2 tablespoons in volume

· Odorless.

Causes of mucus plug falling out:

Some of the possible causes of losing mucus plug are as follows:

· Softening and opening of the cervix

· Sexual intercourse

· Cervical exam

Is losing mucus plug a sign of labor?

Yes, losing mucus can be a sign of labor.

Side effects of losing mucus plug:

Fortunately, there are no side effects of losing mucus plug. It is completely normal to lose mucus plug during pre-labor. In some cases, losing a mucus plug can also be accompanied by other symptoms of labor.

Is it harmful to lose mucus plug too early?

Early loss of mucus plug can be a sign of early labor or some other pregnancy complications. Contact your health care provider if you lose your mucus plug before week 37.


It is completely normal and needs no treatment if you lose the mucus plug after week 37. In case of losing the mucus plug before week 37, your doctor will need to evaluate you.

Healthy Tips: Note down the appearance of your mucus plug when you lose it. The observation can help your healthcare provider in determining if it is a mucus plug or something else.


See your doctors immediately if you experience any of the following things:

· Losing mucus plug before week 37.

· Heavy bleeding along with pain and contraction

· Feeling a sudden burst of fluid from your vaginal


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