Diagnostic Ultrasound Packages

As early as 8 weeks  | 30 minute session​ Heartbeat check ​​Estimated due date & baby’s weight Measure: ( CRL if the baby is under 15week) head, abdominal area, limbs...
Growth Ultrasound (Ultra de crecimiento)
30 min
As early as 19 weeks  | 1 hr session​ A complete check of baby's health such as: Placenta location, baby’s brain, heart, kidneys, bladder, 3V cord, placenta location, li...
Anatomy Ultrasound (Ultra de anatomía)
1 hr

Preparation for Exam:

We recommend you eat small snack or drink something sweet 20-30 minutes prior to your appointment. Suggested snacks are fresh fruits, fruit juice and a small meal. A full bladder is required only for pregnancy confirmation between 9 weeks to 14 weeks.

Baby Joy 3D/4D Ultrasound  offers both elective and diagnostic ultrasound services to the greater DMV area expectant moms. Because of our experience and attention to detail many local providers refer their patients to us.
Although  we hold the credentials & licenses as diagnostic medical sonographers and have many years of experience, it is not in our scope to practice to diagnose, so if you have any medical concerns or issues, we encourage you to notify your providers.

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