Diagnostic Ultrasound Packages

As early as 8 weeks  | up to 30 minute session​ Heartbeat check ​​Estimated due date & baby’s weight Measure: ( CRL if the baby is under 15week) If baby is more than ...
Growth Ultrasound (Ultra de crecimiento)
30 min
As early as 19 weeks  | up to 1hr session​ A complete check of baby's health such as: Placenta location, baby’s brain, heart, kidneys, bladder, 3V cord, placenta locatio...
Anatomy Ultrasound (Ultra de anatomía)
1 hr

Preparation for Exam:

We recommend you eat small snack or drink something sweet 20-30 minutes prior to your appointment. Suggested snacks are fresh fruits, fruit juice and a small meal. A full bladder is required only for pregnancy confirmation between 9 weeks to 14 weeks.

* Done after 32weeks * 2D scan (b&w) * 3 b&w picture printouts We check your baby's: - Heartbeat - Position - Body movements - Muscle tone (position of flexion or ...
Biophysical Profile
30 min