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Our Services

Heartbeat Package

  • See the baby in 2D

  • Listen to heartbeat

  • 2 black & white photos printed

  • Add measurement of the baby for $50 (doctor's report not included)

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Peace of Mind

  • Starting 6 weeks and up

  • 3 heartbeat check visits

  • Hear and see the baby's heartbeat

  • 3 black and white picture printouts every session

  • Gender reveal if the baby is 13 weeks and up and if desired

Gender Determination

  • Watch baby in 2D

  • Gender Determination (starting at 13 weeks)

  • Listen to Heartbeat

  • 3 black & white photo printed

  • Free return session if the baby doesn't cooperate


Watch Me Grow

  • 15 min 2D scan

  • Gender verification if desired

  • Hear your baby's heartbeat

  • 3 Black and white picture printouts

  • The entire session will be recorded and will be send to your phone via BabyFlix App


  • Watch baby in 2D, 3D and 4D Live ( Add $50 for 5D/HD experience)

  • Free one-time return session if your baby doesn't cooperate

  • Gender verification if desired

  • Listen to baby's heartbeat

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