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Pregnancy Insomnia: Everything you need to know about it

When you are pregnant, you will experience various hormonal, physical, and emotional changes. All of these changes will disturb your sleep and as a result, you remain awake all night long. This problem especially occurs during the initial days of pregnancy.

Insomnia is also such common condition with pregnancy. According to studies, it affects almost 75 % of all pregnant women.

When does insomnia start in pregnancy?

The sleeping problem can occur at any point during pregnancy. But studies show that pregnancy insomnia occurs during the second and third trimesters.

How long does insomnia last during pregnancy?

There is no exact time about the endpoint of pregnancy insomnia but various researches shows that it can last for a few weeks to months.

Symptoms of insomnia

Following are some of the common symptoms of insomnia:

· Waking up too early

· Feeling uncomfortable while sleeping

· Difficulty in falling or staying asleep

These common symptoms can also lead to other symptoms including

· Fatigue

· Mood swings

· Irritability

· Difficulty in performing daily tasks.

Common causes of insomnia:

Some factors might become the cause of insomnia during pregnancy:

· Pre-birth stress and anxiety

· Physical pain and aches

· Cramps

· Medication

· An upsetting or traumatic event

· Frequent need to pee

· Changed sleep habits

· Morning sickness, constipation, heartburn

· Nightmares

· Growing belly and weight

· Kicking and flipping of your baby

Risk factors for insomnia:

A pregnant woman is more prone to insomnia if she is suffering from the following conditions:

· High-stress level

· Depression

· Traveling

· Personal issue

· Cardiovascular diseases

· Menopause

Is insomnia harmful during pregnancy?

Pregnancy insomnia is not harmful to the woman and her infant until it develops into chronic insomnia.

How to manage insomnia?

The following things can help you to manage insomnia

· Get out of your bed when fails to sleep and do something boring for some time.

· Get enough rest throughout the day

· Get a comfortable position with the support of pillows and cushions while sleeping

Some lifestyle changes can help you with insomnia:

· Developing an active routine during pregnancy

· Maintaining a healthy diet

· Staying hydrated

· Developing a consistent sleep schedule

· Staying relaxed

How can you prevent insomnia during pregnancy?

Insomnia can be prevented by developing some lifestyle:

· Clearing out your emotional decks and try to stay relaxed

· Avoid the uptake of Caffeine and Chocolates

· Have your dinner early

· Drink less fluid before sleeping to avoid bathroom trips

· Work out before bed

· Set a bedtime schedule and stick to it

· Downloading a good sleeping app or soothing music:

· Developing a good cozy and comfortable sleeping environment

· Try nasal strips if you have a running nose

· Stop the use of mobile or laptop or any electronic device before going to bed


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