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My husband and I went to Baby Joy to do a 3D/4D ultrasound after we had some very underwhelming ultrasounds at my doctor's office (rude, not nice tech who would barely answer my questions, why?, whatever). I did some research and after reading all of the amazing reviews for Baby Joy I made an appointment online and excitedly counted down the days until the big day. The day arrived and we showed up for our ultrasound. The office is very nice, they're very friendly. And well, of course the best part was the ultrasound. We did the basic package which was perfect for us.

Beth, the owner, does the ultrasounds herself and she is fantastic. She has the perfect attitude, is so happy and excited for you, exactly how you'd think all ultrasound techs would be! Her demeanor and warmth put me at ease immediately and she made the experience so enjoyable. The ultrasound was amazing because it was the first time we saw our baby in 3D/4D so that was just SO exciting. We got to see him up close and it was just a wonderful experience.

I am such a big fan of Baby Joy, they make you feel so comfortable, the bed you lay on is so comfy and the tv you watch is big and clear and right in front of you. And of course, Beth is wonderful. I highly recommend it for any pregnant couples who want a more special ultrasound experience. We got awesome pictures and a DVD with the entire session recorded. You will love it!

Ally T.


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