Our Studio

Our studio is conveniently located in downtown Silver Spring area. Everything you can dream of is with walking distance from ice skating, to movie theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, to convenient stores. The metro station (Silver Spring Metro) is located about 5-10 minute walk from our studio. Our studio can host up to 10 family members or friends. Please don't hesitate in bring your other kiddos, as we are friendly to all ages (yes, including your two year old or younger!). 

If you are booking an appointment Monday - Friday, there is street parking around, as well as pubic parking, across from LA Fitness. (Please bring change for the meter.) 

If you are booking an appointment on the weekend, all parking is free! YA!! Street, and meter! 

Baby Joy 3D/4D Mobile Ultrasound is not licensed to practice medicine. Images are not taken for purposes of diagnosing any medical disease or condition. If any medical concerns or issues exist, the family should immediately contact a licensed medical doctor or go to the nearest emergency room. 

Contact Us

Baby Joy 3D 4D Mobile Ultrasound
8630 Fenton St. Suite # 121
Silver Spring, MD  20910
888-754-3088 or 703-201-9680

 Email : babyjoy3d4d@gmail.com