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"Such a wonderful experience!! Everyone at the office was incredibly kind and made the whole experience feel personal! We didn't want to know the sex and our sonographer made sure to keep it a secret!! Can't wait to go back!!

- Sarah Young


"This was such an amazing experience! Beth is an amazing person who goes above and beyond to ensure you are fully satisfied. I would definitely recommend using Baby Joy for your 3D Ultrasounds."


- Michaele Hardy 


"In life many things can happen. At the age of 37 God blessed me with a beautiful baby boy... so many mix emotions and unsure about what to expect in pregnancy. I scheduled a appointment with Baby Joy. Beth was so informative and her sweet spirit made me feel so comfortable. As she began the process and I could actually view my baby in 3D it was very emotional and overwhelming. I am thankful for this experience it allowed me to further connect with my baby in actually believing that this is happening to me. Such a blessing. I would highly recommend this service to expecting families.


"Hello Beth, Thank you very much for a great experience today. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and I will consider scheduling another appointment for my baby shower. Thank you and have a blessed day! "


-AnaAna Palla-Kane


"This is our first child and being able to have my entire family as well as my husband\'s family there to find out the gender was incredible! Thank you so much Baby Joy for making this experience an amazing one!"

- Justin


"Thank you so much for the experience yesterday. We all had an amazing time and it was all thanks to you. We think that you provide a wonderful service and will recommend you to all of our expectant friends. Best"


-AydinAydin Harston


"I loved having Beth come to my baby shower ..and so did all of my friends, some of whom had never seen an ultrasound before or whom had never seen something so high-tech (since they had their babies a long time ago). Seeing the Baby on the ultrasound gave everyone something fun to look at (people hinted that it was much better than looking at baby clothes and baby gear!). Beth was awesome and really patient even though the timing was a little off with lunch being served at my shower right as we were supposed to be doing the ultrasound. I highly recommend having Baby Joy come to your baby shower - it will really make it so special for your friends and family. 


- Jenn


"I am completely in love with Baby Joy 3D/4D mobile ultrasound services. It was an intimate and memorable moment for my husband and children. We decided to use the service to find out the gender of our expected bundle of joy at 18 weeks pregnant. We could not have been any happier with the care and service provided by Beth. She is very friendly, professional, and thorough. Her service is extremely beautiful. The setup/clean up was quick and the images provided were excellent. I work in a hospital and have seen many ultrasounds but none as detailed and well captured as the ones I received from Beth. She is exquisitely skilled and will not disappoint. I have already recommended her services to all of my expectant friends and will be using her again for my baby shower"



"I called Baby Joy and we had a great experience. The whole family sat together and watched our baby, an experience we will never forget. Baby Joy person was very warm and knew how to capture some amazing moments. I would highly recommend them."

-Dimple Sinha


"WOW what a fabulous gift!!  I did not know this service existed until now.  A was introduced to Baby Joy on my baby shower.  It was a gift from my best friend who felt that I should share the gender identification of my baby with the rest of our friends/family.  The entire experience was really memorable. I was thrilled to see the clear images and distinct features of my baby.  It was breath taking to watch and listen to her tiny heartbeat. Her movements and even her facial expressions were all captured “live” in my womb via 4D video image. What is so cool about this ultrasound is that it is done in the comfort of your home.  In addition, both CD and DVD were loaded with the entire session ready to print and email to friends and family members right there and then.  I was told by my best friend that I had what they call “the Diva package.” Pricing is affordable and the Sonographer was very personable and she is clearly so passionate in what she does and enjoys it.  All in all, I had a joyous experience and highly recommend it to all mothers-to-be! Baby Joy 3D/4D Mobile Ultrasound is definitely the way to go!!!!"


-Theresa O’Brien


As a first time mom, this was the best experience I have ever had. The office was nice and cozy. My family and I were greeted with warm welcomes. I felt at ease. My little one would not cooperate but the team was determined to make sure that they captured facial pictures. It took three visits ( He was very Stubborn) but they treated me with every visit as it was my first. Two days after my services were completed, I left a message wit a question. Beth was very prompt with returning the call and also followed up with me to ensure that my question was resolved. Beth, Kristy, Marika and Tena THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! I will strongly recommend Baby Joy for a spectacular ultra sound experience.

Donalia Clay

This is the BEST place for mothers-to-be! The staff is top-notch. The physical facility is warm and inviting. I was there with my daughter and my soon-to-be grandchild. Her husband, who is in the military and deployed, face-timed and was able to take part in not only finding out the gender of their baby but in actually seeing her movements and images. It was so moving. He can't be here but he was still able to share in this moment of time that can never be repeated. I heartedly thank God for Baby Joy, they do indeed bring Joy!

donni thompson

when they called me to confirm the appointment I had sent I felt comfortable and welcomed enough so I know my visit will go exactly how I expect it to go and I cant wait!

karen hughes

Excellent service

Allie Leggett

Went in for a 3d ultrasound to try and see our Squish's face. Everyone was extremely nice and we were taken in right away, despite having arrived early. Beth was amazing - personable, warm and professional. The baby wouldn't cooperate and kept hiding his face, but she kept at it - ensuring we got what we paid for. At one point, she had another appointment waiting (we'd been trying long past our allotted time) and suggested we go take a quick break and come back to try again, going waaay beyond what was necessary. We did so, but still the baby didn't show his face! At this point, Beth allowed us to make another appointment later on at no charge. We truly appreciated that. Highly suggest her to anyone looking to have the 3d ultrasound done. Great experience despite our difficult child!

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